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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Family Pix's 2008

The five of us for a split second!

Kaino (10), Deuce (7), Rogue (5), Trinitee (4) and Raider (1)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kaino and Rogue! Growing up too fast.

Raider's Halloween

Had too much fun on Halloween even though his brothers and sisters left him at home with mom and dad! Dad and mom better enjoy it while they can, they'll leave home soon........

Sunday, November 9, 2008

First game of the season!

The team waiting to get their medals 2008 4th Grade SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Last Orem Pula

Yes! I am da "RAIDER " that everyone talks about. My Dad and Mom spoil me too much. (take it when you can get it)

Ehu's 2008 Halloween

Coming to, somewhat.

Just came to recovery:

Ehu before the surgery:

Last year about this time we were on our way to Kaino's football banquet and was loading everyone in the car. As usual Ehu is always the last one in the car. Her foot slips off the the lip of the door and falls out. She hits the ground, she ends up with a busted lip, black eye and drama. She must've hit her front teeth (two top and two bottom) in the process of it all.

A few weeks ago we went to the dentist for a cleaning two days later she has an infection above her top front teeth. I take her back to the dentist and they discover that her top and bottom teeth are dead. They tell me she probably fell about a year ago and it had a very small crack that took a while to end up that way. So when she went for the cleaning it mooved some things around.

Plan A, try to do a baby root canal right then and their in the dentist office. We proceed, not working out too well. She is too 'Niele' to keep still.

Plan B, have oral surgery! not really what I had in mind. We go see the pediodontist. The only date close enough is 10.31. Gotta do it so we set up the appointment.

Poor Ehu, we get their at the hospital at eight in the morning she says "mommy this is Raider's hospital are we going to see his doctor" (the hospital where I had him). Anyway four hours later she come to recovery the nurse hands me her teeth in a small white container. She is sick all day throwing up EVERY WHERE! saying "my tummy hurts". Not like we need anything else to add to our day the battery terminal for our car decides it's a good time to not make a connection, so the car won't start. We get that fixed, get home at about 2:30.

We get Ehu settled she falls asleep and I assume that she is not going trick-or-treating. But like a true Pula, I was wrong. She woke up at about six, her brothers and sister went with their friends. Needless to say she wanted to go. I took her around the block, which made her happy. After going around the block she had enough and wanted to go home. (thank goodness for me)

She will be wanting her four front teeth for Christmas for a longtime to come!

Halloweeen 2008

We've lived here for ten years. It is always cold for Halloween (snowing). This year was the warmest ever, the kids didn't even need a coat and could wear their costumes and actually be seen in them. So it was waaay fun for them. Paka and I set up shop in the drive-way put on the music and just hung out with Raider and Ehu. Normally we have to be inside. It was great to just hang out.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We are the Orem Pula's also known as Paka and Mia. We have five (count 'em) kids. Kaino (10) Deuce (7) Rogue (5) Trinitee (4) and Raider (1). We are originally from Hawaii the State!@ We made our home in Orem, UT ten years. We should call this place HOME but Hawaii will always be home for us.

I am from Hana, Maui and Paka is from Hau'ula, Oahu. We miss the ocean and spending time with family and friends. We get lots and lots of visitors and that's great. Hawaii comes to us. Hopefully we'll find more of our LONG LOST friends.

See you out there in blog land!