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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer FUN!!!

I know these pixs are rather graphic...We have never had so many visits to the ER in such a short period of time...one week....Raider was so brave, and hardly even cried.

The finger pictures are of Raider...He got a hold of a steak knife (he likes to climb) that was on the counter. Our Rogue was trying to help by TAKING it away from him...this is the result. We took the stitches out two days ago...ended up with 15 stitches....all the fingers are intact...hopefully we won't revisit an episode like this ever again....

These photos are of Kaino who thought he would start his career as a STUNTMAN...whatever!!! He had a quick change of heart when this happened...he was lucky I was still at work and it was his dad at home cause I would have changed a lot more than his career choice....He was at a friends house and his friend has a bike ramp in his back yard, he thought he would use his friends bike to jump the ramp. On the way down the bike pedal got stuck in his shin...and this is what we get...stitches on the inside and out....the DR. could see the bone. Kaino was lucky he didn't break his femur in half...He definitely won't be doing that again...

Other than that summer couldn't be better. We've been visiting the shave ice stand daily. It's not Matsumoto's, but it works. Haven't been to the pool because of the various accidents. I had carpal tunnel surgery on the left and will be doing the right soon. So we'll see how things go in the next few weeks. Kaino is at Owlz baseball camp and Deuce will be going to cub scout day camp next week. I think the kids are ready to go back to school...NOT. They are tired of me getting after them to clean-up after themselves.