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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2012...The First, hopefully not the last!!

Well the new year is upon us....It's amazing how time flies. Time is one of those things that doesn't wait for us. My last entry was Feb. 2010, that seems so long ago and really it was a long time ago. Of course, things change and when things change life changes. So here goes: (I'm sure I'm going to leave some things out)......
Not quite sure where to start, first I am no longer employed, well at least not by Costco. I now work for my children at home. Never thought I would not be working outside of our home. Well it's not forever it's just for a bit.
I am a full-time student at Utah Valley University. I've been back at school for almost two full years. Never thought I would say "I Love It".....see, the saying is true NEVER SAY NEVER. I'm sure most days in class the youngens want to tell me to "SHUT UP". I really don't care what they want to tell me because it always happens that a few always want to get notes from me or need this or that. So, whatevers, it's all good :)
Kaino is officially a teenager, playing sports (you name it, he plays it), Deuce is almost a teenager. He played basketball this season and will hopefully play football next season (the cardiologist gave him permission to play). Rogue just turned 9, she is learning to play piano and started dancing for Nonosina Utah. She is still shy and is shy to perform in front of a big group. Trinitee is seven and is also learning to play the piano. She is still not wanting to commit to anything else. She hasn't fully committed to playing the piano. Bringing up the rear is Raider, he is a handful.....but that's what we get, he is the SPUNK in our family. He reminds us daily that he came to us for a reason! He's just four, but really I need to remind myself of his age. He won't be starting school for a whole year. Lucky ME :)
Life is good! No lies....I love my family (Paka and my keiki's, all the cousins, unko's and aunties...) Things could always be worse, RIGHT? RIGHT! Although some days are harder than others, life goes on and I can only be happy about waking up with the one I love and being surrounded by people who love and appreciate me.
I guess I am wanting to blog at least once a week...the good, the bad, and of course the ugly!