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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well I was just reading a friends blog and got to thinking... Where to start...We've been sick since Monday and it hasn't been pretty around here. The laundry is piling up and I hate laundry...well I the folding and putting it away...the kids are definitely getting at the age to put it away themselves...Needless to say life is changing rapidly Kaino will be in the 5th grade, Deuce will be in 3rd and Rogue in 1st. Ehu has another year and Raider still holding up the end...Where am I going with this...Thought I would share some things (a few funnies about my kids) I wrote them in my journal but I'm sure none of you out there will read my journal:

Deuce was about six. He came running in the house yelling at me to come outside, it was a frantic yell. Deuce never loses his cool, he's always calm and collected. He tells me I need to come outside right now. "There's a naked bird". Of course I'm thinking and saying "what are you talking about?". I go outside to see what was going on. By now all the neighborhood kids have stopped to look at whatever is on the ground. We have a light post in front of our house. Every now and then birds make their nests in the ight post. Anyway the bird nest fell out of the light post and it had baby birds in it. So without saying anymore you can guess the birds didn't have their feathers yet. The innocence of out children is priceless. We can never get that back. I will never forget that learning and teaching moment for both of us.

One more:
Ehu (Trinitee): About a year ago:
Raider was taking a nap, so it was just the two of us. I was folding laundry and she was in the living room watching Backyardigans. She was awfully quiet (not normal). It was probably about fifteen minutes (could be longer) I go into the living room and she climbed to get (normal for her to climb) out a sleeve of Oreos. She had licked every single one of those cookies and lined them up from one end of my living room to the other and stepped on every single one. I made her clean it up. It was one of those moments that you're so mad that you can't even begin to know what to do next. We got through it. Gotta love those moments.

I can definitely look back now and get some laughs about it. I am definitely grateful for my kids and the many things they teach me on a daily basis. Kaino teaches me to accept things as they are. Deuce teaches me patience. Rogue teaches me that things could be worse. Ehu teaches me to think before I talk ('cause she could be saying it in half a second) and Raider teaches that tomorrows a new day that holds limitless goals to acheive. Can't forget that husband of mine. Many look at him and probably don't have anything nice to say. Gotta love the fact that he is straight forward and upfront. There's no holding anything back. He is who he say he is. No faking about the man. But no doubt about it he's a great husband and most of all a great father. No questions that he loves his family.

I am thankful for such a great family.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Been along time!!!

Wow!!!Time sure flies when you're having fun...Been crazy busy at the Pula house, as usual. Baseball is in full swing. Kaino is playing for the Orem Tigers this year.

Last weekend Deuce was baptized. Can't believe he is eight years old already!! Like I said time sure flies when you're having fun..

Summer is almost here. Just a few more weeks of school. The kids are anxious. Rogue will be in first grade and she is definitely excited about being in school all day.

Last week I got a call from Darneen Sardinha. She is the daughter of a very special person to me. Anyway she was calling me to tell me that her mom had passed away, Lorna AhYat from Kaneohe. Pretty sad for me. I met her some years ago, at the time I was dating her grandson. She meant a great dealt to me. She is one of those people you meet that makes a huge difference in the kind of person you want to be. She made me believe that no matter what there is good in everything and everyone, you just gotta look for it. I will definitely miss her. She made me feel a part of her family. Love you grams.....