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Sunday, February 14, 2010

February Already!

Well, well....The year has come way too quick and it's almost March. The New Year is here and it's definitely not waiting on me. This year has already proven to be full of excitement and all kinds of new things. Let's start at the top:

Kaino: ...decided he wanted to play basketball this year (the rec. league). That's been kinda cool, well for him. I don't really like bball mostly because the only thing I'm good at in bball is traveling. Kaino also decided to tryout for a school play "Annie Jr.". He is the policeman. The play is coming up really soon. I'm excited for him, not quite sure how he really feels about it. So we'll have to see how that goes. Kaino has also started baseball, already. First tournament is next month in St. George. He's growing up way too fast, and forgetting that I'm still the mom and the BOSS. I'm so not looking forward to the teenage years, I think he thinks that they're already here. Blah, blah, blah. All around just busy, busy he is.

Deuce:...decided this might be the year to try a sport. In the past Deuce was never really into the sports thing. He would sit on the soccer sidelines and cheer and eat the half time treats. Well this year he's taken an interest in sports. He decided he wanted to play basketball, so far so good. He's improved quite a bit and is really enjoying basketball. He is also LOVING school. Which is a first! He loves his teacher and that has made a huge difference in his attitude. I hope he will continue to LOVE school.

Rogue:....is doing her thing as the DIVA. She is definitely coming into her GIRL self and I ask myself daily where did she some from. Too funny! We fight ALL the time, about everything and anything. I am definitely in for it. She hasn't showed much interest in sports YET!

Trinitee (Ehu):....is in pre-school, and loving it. She will be very disappointed when she goes to kindergarten and it's not all day. She is attached at the hip to Raider. She takes good care of him and he of her. Ehu gets to spend lots of time with Paka and I. We go to lunch at least once a week.

Raider:....well he's doing what he does best.....being the BABY! He is everywhere and into everything. There isn't a day that goes by when I'm not amazed at how fast he picks up on stuff. He can get into the fridge and WILL eat all the string cheese, so we had to child proof the fridge. (never had to do that with the other kids), he's still climbing. I keep thinking that one day he'll learn his lesson and then he does something else. He can bounce the basketball, hit a baseball and he broke a window with a golf ball. He's CRAZY and keeps all of us busy and on our toes.

I'm really looking forward to what's ahead. Our kids are getting bigger by the minute and at times it's scary and at other times almost a relief. All in all life happens and not much we can do about it other than teach them to be contributors of society. At least that is my hope! So here's to a great year ahead. Hopefully the next time I blog it won't take me sooo long!