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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fourth game, 3-1

We played our fourth game yesterday against Westlake. They are a newer team. This is their second year in the league. The players are from Saratoga Springs across Utah Lake, hence Westlake. It was a good game. Could've been better. I'm the mom that's yelling on the sidelines and I have the son that's giving me the "if looks could kill look". I'm also the mom saying "give me more, and more, and more", and "it ain't over until it's OVA", "get up Kaino, block your man" and the list goes on and on. I know I'm the slave driver. But if I don't do it then who, besides dad of course.

Can't really tell but, Kaino seems to be lazier this year. Some dad at the field told me "well he's only ten". I think I might have been offended by that a little. I don't tolerate laziness very well. Kaino seems to turning into a teenager way before his time. Oh well, we'll have to keep him in check. After all I am his mom. The slave driver and the one who doesn't tolerate laziness. Not an option at my house.

School is in full swing. Ehu started pre-school and is so happy to be somewhere else other than at home with me and Raider. Now Raider that's a whole other thing. Absolute craziness. He thinks dog food is ANDY (candy). He's decided that because he can climb he can get his own drink at the sink. I can't imagine my life without Raider in it, and to think I thought we were done after Ehu. Someone else had a better plan for us.

On Friday I found out that a really good friend from college lost her husband. Still can't imagine what she is going through. They met at BYU-H and they were really the only couple who stayed together and got married. They have no children so I can't even try to begin to think what she must feel like. He was definitely her best friend.

So with that being said, I can't imagine my life without Paka. I tell the story about when we were in high school. He dated my best friend in high school, we even doubled to prom. I thought he was an @#$. He was a jock, and if anyone knows where I grew up you know that my school was so small we only had a volleyball and wrestling team, so what did I know about jocks. We never really saw each other after high school. So we probably met up again while I was working at Foodland in Laie just about seven years after high school. And really the rest is memories in the making.

He is MY BEST FRIEND and I am so grateful just for that. He is my world and my life and I can't imagine spending my golden years with anyone else. Oh but lets not forget, because it's probably one of his best qualities, he can still be an @#$. LOL! :o) We have five beautiful children. Who bring so much happiness into our lives. Paka can't sleep if one is spending the night elsewhere. I'm lucky to have met a great guy who can deal with the not so nice side of me. Don't even want to think that he might not be here for the golden years. I love you Huney more today than yesterday. THE END!

I hope for the best for my friend Mary Fatupaito of Spokane, WA. I wish I could tell her that everything will be okay, but I can't 'cause the physical lost to her must be great. I am sure that the Lord has a greater plan and hopefully she can find comfort in that alone. He just needed to call one of His soldiers home a little early. My prayers and thoughts are with her.


Jenn said...

You are so sweet! And so lucky to have such a great husband and friend! I'm glad you're happy!

tasharama said...

Hey girl...like hello, those photos of raiders fingers...eeew!!! Poor baby.

HOw are you guys. Email us I clicked on one of your relations blogs and it says I'm pregnant...I was gonna call Arama but then Inoticed, wrong person :) Talk to you soon. Tash Send us your numbers again. tasharama@ihug.co.nz