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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Third Game, First Lost

Well today our Vikings suffered their first lost. Sad but true. They played hard and fought till the bitter end. We had some mistakes, but could've won. Had one really bad call that played an important role in the game. I have all the confidence in our coaches and our boys to turn this around and still come out on top. We lost by a touchdown.. (18-12). Tough lost!

But for today at the Pula house everyone has retired to their perspective corners to make a bad day good. GO VIKINGS!!

On Wednesday I had shoulder surgery... Thanks to my Paka, who's been taking care of me I am surviving and doing well. A lot better than I had expected. The last two months I have had three surgeries (including this one). I am hopefully on my way to recovery with no hiccups. Paka has been taking care of me and I am so thankful for that. I feel guilty that I can't do it myself something as easy as putting on my shirt, or getting out of the chair. Thanks HUNEY!! Love you lots...I'm sure the kids appreciate it more because Dad makes the bestest breakfasts...Mom just opens a box of cereal. We're so lucky to have had dinners brought in too. On our way to recovery, all the way around and a long weekend...


sarinah♥ said...

Glad you are doing better, Mia! Those losses are the toughest for sure! You will get em next time!

Jenn said...

I am glad you're doing ok. I hope it gets better very quickly. But not too quickly, cause then you'll just have to go back to work sooner!! :)