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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2012...The First, hopefully not the last!!

Well the new year is upon us....It's amazing how time flies. Time is one of those things that doesn't wait for us. My last entry was Feb. 2010, that seems so long ago and really it was a long time ago. Of course, things change and when things change life changes. So here goes: (I'm sure I'm going to leave some things out)......
Not quite sure where to start, first I am no longer employed, well at least not by Costco. I now work for my children at home. Never thought I would not be working outside of our home. Well it's not forever it's just for a bit.
I am a full-time student at Utah Valley University. I've been back at school for almost two full years. Never thought I would say "I Love It".....see, the saying is true NEVER SAY NEVER. I'm sure most days in class the youngens want to tell me to "SHUT UP". I really don't care what they want to tell me because it always happens that a few always want to get notes from me or need this or that. So, whatevers, it's all good :)
Kaino is officially a teenager, playing sports (you name it, he plays it), Deuce is almost a teenager. He played basketball this season and will hopefully play football next season (the cardiologist gave him permission to play). Rogue just turned 9, she is learning to play piano and started dancing for Nonosina Utah. She is still shy and is shy to perform in front of a big group. Trinitee is seven and is also learning to play the piano. She is still not wanting to commit to anything else. She hasn't fully committed to playing the piano. Bringing up the rear is Raider, he is a handful.....but that's what we get, he is the SPUNK in our family. He reminds us daily that he came to us for a reason! He's just four, but really I need to remind myself of his age. He won't be starting school for a whole year. Lucky ME :)
Life is good! No lies....I love my family (Paka and my keiki's, all the cousins, unko's and aunties...) Things could always be worse, RIGHT? RIGHT! Although some days are harder than others, life goes on and I can only be happy about waking up with the one I love and being surrounded by people who love and appreciate me.
I guess I am wanting to blog at least once a week...the good, the bad, and of course the ugly!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

February Already!

Well, well....The year has come way too quick and it's almost March. The New Year is here and it's definitely not waiting on me. This year has already proven to be full of excitement and all kinds of new things. Let's start at the top:

Kaino: ...decided he wanted to play basketball this year (the rec. league). That's been kinda cool, well for him. I don't really like bball mostly because the only thing I'm good at in bball is traveling. Kaino also decided to tryout for a school play "Annie Jr.". He is the policeman. The play is coming up really soon. I'm excited for him, not quite sure how he really feels about it. So we'll have to see how that goes. Kaino has also started baseball, already. First tournament is next month in St. George. He's growing up way too fast, and forgetting that I'm still the mom and the BOSS. I'm so not looking forward to the teenage years, I think he thinks that they're already here. Blah, blah, blah. All around just busy, busy he is.

Deuce:...decided this might be the year to try a sport. In the past Deuce was never really into the sports thing. He would sit on the soccer sidelines and cheer and eat the half time treats. Well this year he's taken an interest in sports. He decided he wanted to play basketball, so far so good. He's improved quite a bit and is really enjoying basketball. He is also LOVING school. Which is a first! He loves his teacher and that has made a huge difference in his attitude. I hope he will continue to LOVE school.

Rogue:....is doing her thing as the DIVA. She is definitely coming into her GIRL self and I ask myself daily where did she some from. Too funny! We fight ALL the time, about everything and anything. I am definitely in for it. She hasn't showed much interest in sports YET!

Trinitee (Ehu):....is in pre-school, and loving it. She will be very disappointed when she goes to kindergarten and it's not all day. She is attached at the hip to Raider. She takes good care of him and he of her. Ehu gets to spend lots of time with Paka and I. We go to lunch at least once a week.

Raider:....well he's doing what he does best.....being the BABY! He is everywhere and into everything. There isn't a day that goes by when I'm not amazed at how fast he picks up on stuff. He can get into the fridge and WILL eat all the string cheese, so we had to child proof the fridge. (never had to do that with the other kids), he's still climbing. I keep thinking that one day he'll learn his lesson and then he does something else. He can bounce the basketball, hit a baseball and he broke a window with a golf ball. He's CRAZY and keeps all of us busy and on our toes.

I'm really looking forward to what's ahead. Our kids are getting bigger by the minute and at times it's scary and at other times almost a relief. All in all life happens and not much we can do about it other than teach them to be contributors of society. At least that is my hope! So here's to a great year ahead. Hopefully the next time I blog it won't take me sooo long!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fourth game, 3-1

We played our fourth game yesterday against Westlake. They are a newer team. This is their second year in the league. The players are from Saratoga Springs across Utah Lake, hence Westlake. It was a good game. Could've been better. I'm the mom that's yelling on the sidelines and I have the son that's giving me the "if looks could kill look". I'm also the mom saying "give me more, and more, and more", and "it ain't over until it's OVA", "get up Kaino, block your man" and the list goes on and on. I know I'm the slave driver. But if I don't do it then who, besides dad of course.

Can't really tell but, Kaino seems to be lazier this year. Some dad at the field told me "well he's only ten". I think I might have been offended by that a little. I don't tolerate laziness very well. Kaino seems to turning into a teenager way before his time. Oh well, we'll have to keep him in check. After all I am his mom. The slave driver and the one who doesn't tolerate laziness. Not an option at my house.

School is in full swing. Ehu started pre-school and is so happy to be somewhere else other than at home with me and Raider. Now Raider that's a whole other thing. Absolute craziness. He thinks dog food is ANDY (candy). He's decided that because he can climb he can get his own drink at the sink. I can't imagine my life without Raider in it, and to think I thought we were done after Ehu. Someone else had a better plan for us.

On Friday I found out that a really good friend from college lost her husband. Still can't imagine what she is going through. They met at BYU-H and they were really the only couple who stayed together and got married. They have no children so I can't even try to begin to think what she must feel like. He was definitely her best friend.

So with that being said, I can't imagine my life without Paka. I tell the story about when we were in high school. He dated my best friend in high school, we even doubled to prom. I thought he was an @#$. He was a jock, and if anyone knows where I grew up you know that my school was so small we only had a volleyball and wrestling team, so what did I know about jocks. We never really saw each other after high school. So we probably met up again while I was working at Foodland in Laie just about seven years after high school. And really the rest is memories in the making.

He is MY BEST FRIEND and I am so grateful just for that. He is my world and my life and I can't imagine spending my golden years with anyone else. Oh but lets not forget, because it's probably one of his best qualities, he can still be an @#$. LOL! :o) We have five beautiful children. Who bring so much happiness into our lives. Paka can't sleep if one is spending the night elsewhere. I'm lucky to have met a great guy who can deal with the not so nice side of me. Don't even want to think that he might not be here for the golden years. I love you Huney more today than yesterday. THE END!

I hope for the best for my friend Mary Fatupaito of Spokane, WA. I wish I could tell her that everything will be okay, but I can't 'cause the physical lost to her must be great. I am sure that the Lord has a greater plan and hopefully she can find comfort in that alone. He just needed to call one of His soldiers home a little early. My prayers and thoughts are with her.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Third Game, First Lost

Well today our Vikings suffered their first lost. Sad but true. They played hard and fought till the bitter end. We had some mistakes, but could've won. Had one really bad call that played an important role in the game. I have all the confidence in our coaches and our boys to turn this around and still come out on top. We lost by a touchdown.. (18-12). Tough lost!

But for today at the Pula house everyone has retired to their perspective corners to make a bad day good. GO VIKINGS!!

On Wednesday I had shoulder surgery... Thanks to my Paka, who's been taking care of me I am surviving and doing well. A lot better than I had expected. The last two months I have had three surgeries (including this one). I am hopefully on my way to recovery with no hiccups. Paka has been taking care of me and I am so thankful for that. I feel guilty that I can't do it myself something as easy as putting on my shirt, or getting out of the chair. Thanks HUNEY!! Love you lots...I'm sure the kids appreciate it more because Dad makes the bestest breakfasts...Mom just opens a box of cereal. We're so lucky to have had dinners brought in too. On our way to recovery, all the way around and a long weekend...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Game of the Season PG VIKINGS!

So Kaino had his first game of the season. PG vs. LINDON (28-0). Already off to a good start hopefully they'll keep the momentum going. They had to split the teams this year to a A and B team. A few of the boys from their original team are now on the B team. I hope they have a good season. It's always crazy around the Pula house during football season, with Paka coaching Kaino's team. Of course that also means that NFL is starting. Love football season!!

First Day of School

Yeah! So we made it through the summer with no more major injuries. The kids were so ready for school to start. Kaino (10) is now in fifth grade and has a "strict" but fun teacher, so he says. Deuce (8) is now in third grade and hopefully will love his teacher. Rogue (6) is in first grade, and she loves her first year teacher.

They were so excited for the first day of school. I was excited for them. Kaino got his clothes ready the night before. Before leaving for school he looked in the mirror (full body mirror) at least ten times. I'm so not looking forward to that. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't spend that much time in front of the mirror. So he gets that from his dad!! Anyway he had a great first day. I'm looking forward to a great school for him.

Deuce was the most excited. I couldn't be happier for him. In the past school has been such a negative part of Deuce's life, so I am confident that things have finally turned around. I can see him growing out of the a lot of his bad habits. I hope Deuce will continue to love school more and more.

Now lets talk about the DIVA. OMG! She is so not like me. All about the pink. She is such a girly girl. Talk about wearing that dress on the first day of school. What an argument that was. So as you can see she wore a dress on the first day, with matching shoes. (I didn't buy that for her). She too is very excited to be in school. She is more excited to be in school all day. I'm sure she's going to have a great year. Her teacher is fresh out of college, and her father was once a principal at her school. She thinks that's really cool. Rogue is a social butterfly, I think she would get that from me. No problems making friends.

So we walked the kids to school and Ehu and Raider weren't too happy to see them go. The house is quiet and Ehu and Raider are lonely. Ehu will be going to Pre-School, so it'll be Raider all by himself. He'll get over it.
The kids are growing up and it excites me to know that they are happy to be doing so. Can't imagine my life without them. Crazy times are ahead I can just see it now. Lots of fun memories are to be made, lots of fun memories already made. It only gets better from here.!

Last day of Summer

So we haven't done too much this summer because I had a couple of minor surgeries, so I've been laid up. With that being said the kids asked if we could go to the pool the day before school. I couldn't say no. Raider went to my Uncles house the night before so it made it much easier to go to the pool. We were there pretty much all afternoon. They had fun. So much fun that Deuce didn't come back to out CAMP till it was time to leave so no picture of him. A good way to end the summer. No beach, but the pools works!